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重复劳动大大减少, 工作效率显著提高, 经营状况一目了然,客户体验本质差异化。这就是上海欧为信息科技专为中小贸易及公司及生产企业提供的在线进销存管理系统带来的变化。

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Dual-Glo® 双萤光素酶报告基因检测系统

Dual-Glo® 双萤光素酶报告基因检测系统

Dual-Glo® 双萤光素酶报告基因检测系统
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  • 海肾萤光素酶内参可提供更准确的数据
  • 可直接在生长培养基中直接检测细胞的双报告基因信号
  • 每种萤光素酶信号半衰期都可长达2小时

    An Extended-Life Dual-Luciferase Assay with "Add-Mix-Measure" Convenience

    The Dual-Glo® Luciferase Assay System is a homogeneous reagent system that enables fast and simple quantitation of a stable luminescent signal from two reporter genes in a single sample. The convenient "add-mix-measure" protocol generates both firefly and Renilla luciferase luminescence signals from cells that have not been preconditioned or prelysed.

    With the Dual-Glo® System, internal controls can be established to minimize sample variability by reducing false-positive and false-negative readings caused by nonspecific factors such as cytotoxicity. In the Dual-Glo® Luciferase Assay, the activity of the primary reporter is correlated with the effect of specific stimuli, and the activity of the co-transfected control reporter provides an internal control to normalize results.

    The system is optimized for batch processing both 96- and 384-well plates and is compatible with a wide variety of mammalian cell culture media. The Dual-Glo® Luciferase Assay System provides high Z´-factors for cell-based, high-throughput screening applications.

    Assay Advantages

    • Increased Precision and Accuracy. Assay normalization using an internal control co-reporter minimizes the effects of variations in cell number and health, transfection efficiency and nonspecific cellular responses.
    • No centrifugation or pre-lysis steps required. Reagents are added directly to growth medium for both reporters.
    • Stable signal allows flexibility for batch or continuous processing of 96- and 384-well plates. Each luminescent signal can be measured for up to 2 hours after reagent addition.
    • Simple, two-step assay is compatible with any luminometer. On-board injectors not required.
    • Wide Dynamic Range allows analysis of high and low reporter activity without sample dilution. Linear over at least 6 logs of enzyme concentration for each reporter.

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