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皮肤取样器ACCU-PUNCH(皮肤环钻,Skin Biopsy Punches)现货供应

皮肤取样器ACCU-PUNCH(皮肤环钻,Skin Biopsy Punches)现货供应

​皮肤取样器又称皮肤换钻取样器,圆形活体皮肤取样器等等,广泛应用于动物或者人体皮肤组织采样,超锋利采样切头,可顺利切下完整的样本。皮肤取样器Skin Biopsy Punches无菌包装,防止样本污染。

皮肤取样器Skin Biopsy Punches,无菌包装,一次性,防止样本污染,多达14个
l 锋利、无菌
l 25个和50个两种包装

1. 小型弯头解剖剪刀curved scissors
2. 纱布Gauze pads
3. 组织镊forceps
4. 碘伏、消毒酒精
5. 创可贴
6. 消毒纸巾
Raise an intradermal wheal with anesthetic agent. Stabilize the skin with the
thumb and forefinger, stretching it slightly perpendicular to the normal skin
tension lines; this will produce an oval rather than round defect, facilitating
Place the punch perpendicular to the skin and apply firm and constant
downward pressure with a circular twisting motion. Removal of the punch to
"check the progress" should be avoided as this may result in a ragged wound and
a shredded biopsy sample. A definite "give" occurs when the punch reaches the
subcutaneous fat, indicating that a full-thickness cut has been made. Remove the
punch and apply downward finger pressure at the sides of the wound to pop up
the core. Completely elevate the core with gentle use of forceps or a needle tip
and excise it at its base with small tissue scissors. The pressure applied through
forceps to elevate the core should be gentle to minimize the destruction and
distortion of tissue in the biopsy sample. After finishing the harvest of the tissue,
prepare the biopsy site for closure。

货号      产品名称                  规格
69038-01 Skin Biopsy Punches 1 mm 25/包
69038-01-50 Skin Biopsy Punches 1mm 50/包
69038-15 Skin Biopsy Punches 1.5 mm 25/包
69038-15-50 Skin Biopsy Punches 1.5mm 50/包
69038-02 Skin Biopsy Punches 2.0mm 25/包
69038-02-50 Skin Biopsy Punches 2.0mm 50/包
69038-25 Skin Biopsy Punches 2.5mm 25/包
69038-25-50 Skin Biopsy Punches 2.5mm 50/包
69038-03 Skin Biopsy Punches 3.0mm 25/包
69038-03-50 Skin Biopsy Punches 3.0mm 50/包
69038-35 Skin Biopsy Punches 3.5mm 25/包
69038-35-50 Skin Biopsy Punches 3.5mm 50/包
69038-04 Skin Biopsy Punches 4.0mm 25/包
69038-04-50 Skin Biopsy Punches 4.0mm 50/包
69038-45 Skin Biopsy Punches 4.5mm 25/包
69038-45-50 Skin Biopsy Punches 4.5mm 50/包
69038-05 Skin Biopsy Punches 5.0mm 25/包
69038-05-50 Skin Biopsy Punches 5.0mm 50/包
69038-06 Skin Biopsy Punches 6.0mm 25/包
69038-06-50 Skin Biopsy Punches 6.0mm 50/包
69038-07 Skin Biopsy Punches 7.0mm 25/包
69038-07-50 Skin Biopsy Punches 7.0mm 50/包
69038-08 Skin Biopsy Punches 8.0mm 25/包
69038-08-50 Skin Biopsy Punches 8.0mm  50/包
69038-10 Skin Biopsy Punches 10.0mm 25/包
69038-10-50 Skin Biopsy Punches 10.0mm 50/包
69038-12 Skin Biopsy Punches 12.0mm 25/包
69038-12-50 Skin Biopsy Punches 12.0mm 50/包
69038-AS Assorted Pack one of each size 14/包